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Dock System Features

Marine Automated Docking Systems

Why Invest Into Docks Manufactured by Marine Automated Dock Systems?

  • Construction:
    Full tube construction. No L channel or C channel is used. Also, we have 1/4 inch end plates on all of our dock sections

  • Quick Connector Latch System:
    These connectors don't have to be disassembled for removal. This saves time during fall removal and means that little or no adjustment needs to be made during installation

  • Vinyl Decking:
    Our vinyl decking is resistant to slipping and stays cool to the touch even on the hottest of summer days. We only use solid extruded virgin vinyl. This means that every piece of vinyl is the same color throughout so the color will never fade or wear off.

  • Zero Maintenance:
    All of our docks are constructed of aluminum and vinyl so there is nothing to rust or corrode, and you never have to stain or treat another wood dock again.

  • Adjustability:
      Our winch system makes it easier then ever to adjust the height of your dock. Simply slop the winch kit over your poles, connect the hook, and raise or lower until your dock is level. This can be done from the dock so you never have to get in the water!

  • Versatility:
    All of our Loon Dock sections are interchangeable and all of the brackets are bolted on so that you are able to change the configuration of your dock at any time!

  • Durability:
    Our vinyl decking is made to withstand the elements. There is no need to protect or store your dock sections indoors. Simply stack the sections on shore for the winter and you are done!

  • Full Line of Accessories:
    We offer a full line of dock accessories and parts including boat bumpers, cleats, corner bumpers, post covers, ladders, steps and benches.

  • Installation/Removal Service:
    If you purchase one of our docks you will be given the option of having our installation/removal crew put your dock in when spring comes and take it out in the fall.

  • Warranty:
    Our docking systems carry a 20 year warranty on the vinyl decking and a 5 year warranty on our hardware and craftsmanship.

  • Dedication to Customer Service:
    At Marine Automated Dock Systems, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs and requests of the customer. When you buy one or our docks, you are not just getting a dock, you are starting a relationship with a company that has your needs in mind.

The Simplest Installation of Docks in the Industry

Photo One Shows:

  • Connector with poles and pads

  • Connector is independent from dock sections.

  • Connector can remain in one assembled piece for winter storage or disassembled.

  • Vinyl insert is installed over connector to allow for the continuous vinyl decking on the dock. 

              Connecting System-Photo 1

Photo Two Shows:

  • One end of a dock section snapped into place on connector with next dock section ready to be snapped into place.

  • Each dock section end has a pin on each side welded on the .250" thick aluminum end plate. The pins snap into the connector allowing for quick latching without having to line up brackets, bolt holes and holding the dock in place while installing under support arms or cross braces.

Connecting System-Photo 2

How our Docks are Constructed

  • MADS dock frame is fabricated from high quality marine alloy aluminum.

  • The docks frames are designed to be independent from your surface choice.

  • Aluminum flange extruded right into the dock stringer to mount cleats, lights, or other docking accessories.The strength of our dock comes from the .250 high quality marine alloy aluminum end plate that holds the dock stringers in place.

  • MADS does not rely on our decking surface to hold our dock stringers in place.

  • All our aluminum frames are built independent no matter if the dock is 2 ft or 8 ft. wide.

  • The dock stringers are a full tube construction

  • Aluminum flange extruded right into the dock stringer to mount cleats, lights, or other docking accessories.

  • There is not a stronger, one piece, welded, aluminum frame built on the market today.Docking brackets, ladders, or other components can be moved throughout the entire length of our dock stringer.

  • Changing your dock configuration is now simple just by changing your bracket support post location along the dock.

  • There is not a stronger, one piece, welded, aluminum frame built on the market today.

  • You will notice the difference the first time you walk on our docking.

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