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Marine Automated Dock Systems, Inc.

Outdoor Products

2900 Doc Drive Harrison, MI 48625

Ph. 989-539-9010 Fax. 989-539-9012

6708 E. M 115. Cadillac, MI 49601

Ph. 231-468-3738

Contact us on-line!

One Call Does it all in the Fall
Docks, Lifts, Boats, RVís

Pick up and Delivery From Launch: $ 50.00 Local area (Each Way)

$ 75.00 10 to 20 miles from shop (Each Way)

(Add) $ 35.00 From Dock or Hoist

Shrink Wrap: $ 10.00 per ft. ~ Includes mildew bags and shrink wrap vents

Storage: $ 9/ft Outside (Based on 1 winter storage season)
$ 19/ft Inside at MADS (First come, first serve)
$ 13/ft Inside at MADS 
(with purchase of winterization package) 
$ 13/ft Inside (Located At Fairgrounds ~ w/ customer responsible for
 insurance coverage and contract with fairgrounds)
$ 125.00 Fairgrounds handling fee.


2-Stroke O/B $ 50 - $ 110.00 (Includes fogging and stabilizer + shop supplies)

4-Stroke O/B $ 70 - $ 170.00 (Includes oil and filter + shop supplies)

Pontoon Package: 2-Stroke, Shrink Wrap-Winterize and Store Outside $ 375.00
INCLUDES: fogging oil, stabilizer, oil, filer and Everything in the Spring Start Up Package(/ft extra for inside storage)

4-Stroke (up to 115hp, larger hp quoted), Shrink Wrap-Winterize and Store Outside $ 450.00
Includes: fogging oil, stabilizer, oil, filter and Everything in the Spring Start Up Package (Does not include water separator filter)($ 10/ft for inside storage)

Spring Start Up Package: $ 100.00
Includes: Remove Shrink Wrap - Check battery - Start and observe motor running

Spring Start Up Package Deluxe: $ 200.00
Includes: Remove Shrink Wrap - Wash and Wipe down Exterior Walls - Wipe down seats with 303 Vinyl protectant - Power rinse down pontoons (Not acid wash) - Check battery - Start and observe motor running - Vacuum interior - Check all operating lights

NEW: Alumetron Clear Coat - Toon Restore and Protectant
Protects aluminum from staining, discoloration, corrosion and pitting. Last up to 10 years with a 5 year warranty. Great for pontoons, paddle boats and swim rafts! Pricing depends on length and circumference of toons.

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