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Aqua Cycle Electric Motor Drive

Aqua Cycle Electric Motor Drive
If you are looking for a quality motor drive for your Aqua Cycle Paddleboat,
look no further!

American Pleasure Products has developed a motor drive unit to power the paddlewheel assembly presently used to propel the Aqua Cycle.

All of the fifteen-inch diameter pontoon boats are available or can be retrofitted with the electric motor drive unit. This unit powers the paddlewheel assembly. You can use this drive to assist your pedaling, or you can remove your feet from the pedals and let the motor do the work for you. The solar charged battery requires little, if any, maintenance during the boating season.

A 100-amp Gel Cell battery powers the motor. This battery is sealed so no acid can spill or give off fumes. The battery is kept charged with a solar charger and under normal use, will never need charging.

The motor is turned on with a key, which can be removed to prevent unwanted use of the boat.

Once the motor is turned on, the drive is engaged by pressing the drive lever, located on the right armrest. Pressure must be maintained on the handle to keep the paddlewheel drive engaged.  Minimum effort is required.

The Motor is sealed and the drive gears run in oil.

No maintenance is required

The motor being powered by electricity is very quiet and environmentally friendly.

Our Price: $2,408.00

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