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Attwood 3 Gallon Fuel Tank

Attwood 3 Gallon Fuel Tank
Attwood Portable Fuel Tanks are constructed of the same high strength Multi-layer Co-extruded HDPE/EVOH material as found in automotive fuel systems. Attood portable fuel tanks are certified to EPA and CARB standards and include an exclusive ratcheting, automatic low-restriction, high-flow fuel cap that ensures proper fuel flow and engine performance in all conditions. Attwood's exclusive high-flow fuel cap exceeds OEM requirements and reduces wear on fuel pumps improving engine performance and life. Attwood Portable Fuel Tanks are designed for use in all Marine and non-marine small engine applications and will provide years of leak-free performance.Automatic vacuum valve ensures proper fuel flow and eliminates the need for manual vent.

Automotive Grade multi-layer Co-extruded HDPE/EVOP tank material prevents the evaporation of gasoline saving gas and moneyCompatible with 1/4" NPT fuel fittings
Robust tank construction the same as found in most automobile fuel systems
Exclusive no-joint injection molded tank interfaces ensure leak free performance in severe conditions
Ratcheting cap with tether ensures proper tank closure and prevents accidental cap loss.
Cap includes automatic vacuum valve that eliminates the traditional manual thumb screw and prevents water from leaking into tank.
Cap includes industry leading high-flow automatic vacuum valve with ultra low fuel restriction (less than 1kpa restriction at 50 liters/hour) ensuring proper fuel flow and reducing      fuel pump stress.
High strength Universal Pick Up Tube with standard 1/4" NPT fuel fitting. Compatible with Attwood's new Universal Sprayless Connector (8838US6) and all other standard fuel fittings. Use with self-sealing fuel fittings (such as Attwood Universal Sprayless Connector). Use thread sealant when connecting fittings.
High strength ergonomic handle.
True 3 Gallon Liquid Fuel Capacity
Additional tank capacity for 1:16 2 cycle oil blend (.1875 gallons) plus 5% vapor space for fuel thermal expansion.
UV and Ozone resistant
EPA and CARB Certified
Built and tested to ABYC H25, ASTM F852 and USCG Standards
Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels
Attwood EPA Certified Portable Fuel Tanks meet EPA CFR 40 1060.104 running loss requirements for use with non-marine small engines.
2 Year Warranty
16.6"L x 11.45"W x 7.3"H
100% leak tested prior to delivery.
OEM quality and performance at a fraction of the price
Our Price: $58.19

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