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Yamalube Ring Free Plus Fuel Additive 12oz

Yamalube Ring Free Plus Fuel Additive 12oz

Improved formula. Highly concentrated YamaLube Ring Free PLUS is a proven engine deposit cleaning package. When used as directed, this top-quality deposit-control sytem removes deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports, and combustion chambers. These harmful deposits, often the result of poor quality gasoline, may cause knocking/pinging, power loss, hesitation, shortened spark plug life, piston ring sticking, and even expensive engine damage. This special formulation also helps protect electronic parts and fitting in the fuel system against the corrosive effects of sulfur compounds in ethanol (E10) fuels. May be used with Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS. Improves power and efficiency in two and four stroke engines. Use this product on a continuous basis to provide maximum protection against deposits. 1 oz Ring Free PLUS to every 10 gallons of fresh gasoline.

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